Joon App: ADHD Chores Games

Joon App: ADHD Chores Games

By Joon App, Inc

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2020-06-23
  • Current Version: 3.58
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 75.01 MB
  • Developer: Joon App, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.70741
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1) Constantly nagging and arguing with your child? 2) Is your child not motivated to complete their daily tasks? 3) Does your child struggle to remember and stick to their daily routine? If you answered "YES" to at least one of these, then Joon is exactly what you are looking for! Recommended by Child Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Pediatricians, and Special Education Teachers, Joon is the future of motivating neurodivergent children. Using a child-friendly video game (for ages 6-12), Joon helps motivate your child to focus and stay on top of their daily routine, tasks, & habits. **JOON’S GOAL** Help motivate your child with ADHD, ASD, ODD, General Anxiety, or Depression to focus and complete their daily tasks while learning basic responsibility and independence. Not only does Joon make it extremely easy to motivate kids to do important tasks using a video game, but it also teaches them valuable life skills that they won’t be able to learn in school. We’ve helped over two hundred thousand families complete more than 1M+ tasks, so why can't we help you? **HOW IT WORKS** Assign tasks as "Quests", then the video game does the rest. 1) Create a few tasks that your child struggles with the most (such as brushing their teeth, getting ready for school, etc.) 2) Your child chooses a virtual pet (called a Doter) to feed, wash, and grow. In order to take care of their pet and play the Joon video game, they must first complete the tasks you've assigned them. 3) Once completed, you will get a notification to review and approve/reject your child's completed tasks. If approved, your child will receive coins to use to care for their pet and unlock different parts of the video game! 4) As your child completes more and more tasks, they will develop habits and improve their daily routine - all because they want to play a video game! **THE PARENTING TOOL YOU NEED** + We make it easy to manage your child’s tasks and add in your existing routine. + We'll do the reminding to help your child stick to their routine. No more nagging from your end. + Your child will stay motivated to do the tasks assigned to them. In fact, 90% of kids on Joon complete all tasks assigned. + Choose from a large list of research-backed activities to help your child build important life skills that teach independence. Joon is only a year old and already has the attention of press, parenting publications, and parenting experts. To see the complete list, visit our website here: **HOW TO GET STARTED** 1) Install Joon on your device, create your family, and select a few beginning tasks you’d like your child to work on. 2) Help your child set up their account so they can see the tasks that you’ve assigned them. You can have them download Joon on their own device or share you phone. 3) Once your child completes their tasks, you can review and approve them to make sure they were completed correctly. 4) Once approved, your children receive coins and experience points that let them feed, level up, buy things, and progress in the game with their virtual pet. As your child continues to progress in the game, they actually progress in real life too! 5) Keep adding quests (and we’ll recommend you new ones too) to help your children develop good habits! Your children cannot grow on their own. Make sure to stay involved in the process and keep assigning new quests as needed to allow your children to continue helping, learning, growing, and progressing in the game. **QUESTIONS?** Email us at! We offer top tier customer support 24/7, 7 days a week, that will respond to your question within 15 minutes. -------------------- Privacy Policy: Terms Of Use:



  • We love this app so much!

    By dnvkfvtnsb
    We love this app for our special needs family!! It has definitely been a game changer for us and our family. No longer am I needing to give so many prompts and reminders to my kids! They are able to build their own executive functioning and functional life skills for themselves! The games are fun for the kids and doing their checklist items are rewarding! The app takes a little bit to set up for parents but is super user friendly and easy to use!! And it takes second to manage everyday. It has been awesome for our family and had really helped to improve our relationships with each other!! Also, if I have any questions at all, Brad and his team are super responsive and kind!! We are better for having Joon!!! It’s awesome!!
  • So Awesome!

    By IsaacLisbethChacon
    As a homeschool Mama of 3 kiddos who also a works Full-time, this app is so helpful! I love this app because it helps me and my kids stay organized and on task. My kids LOVE having the chance to earn coins, “buy” items and care for their animals! I really love that this app creates opportunities for self reliance, responsibility and builds capability within my kids. They feel an increased sense of ownership for the tasks they are asked to do every day. The Joon support team is very receptive to feedback and welcome suggestions! They have been great to work with!
  • Way over priced

    By SoccerPanda777
    Came across this app in an ad and decided to try it out. I got my kids really excited about it thinking that I was going to be able to have them do 7 chores a day on the free version, but it’s only 7 total. We couldn’t complete any more after the first 2 hours unless we paid an obscene amount for the game. It’s way to expensive for how minimal the game is. I am disappointed and so are my kids.
  • Amazing app! Highly recommend!!!

    By Fish&Sprout
    I seriously cannot praise this app and it’s developers enough! I’m so thrilled to have this app. I have ADHD and most of my kids show signs (some more than others) but haven’t been diagnosed yet. My 4 kids (ages elementary, preschool and toddler) love it and it’s so motivating to them! We homeschool and they get to mark off their homework subjects, health habits, chores, and other tasks on Joon as well as saving up their coins for special rewards specific to our family that I get to create (like a no thank you to one chore, a trip to the library or a trip to our local children’s museum etc). The basic building blocks of the game are in place, but the developers are invested in making it even more amazing and are constantly listening to user feedback and improving/adding more features! It keeps getting better and I’m so excited to be a part of watching such a powerful tool develop. Thank you!!!!!! ((Cross posted on both the parent and kids app))
  • Do yourself a favor-try this app today

    By LRJ7
    If you want a better relationship with your kids, do yourself a favor and try this app. I gave it a try to help my 9 year old get organized with all of his responsibilities (chores, homework, being kind to siblings, football, etc.). It is an app that tracks all of his daily activities in one place within an interactive game. The app developer is responsive and open to feedback to improve the app. The price is affordable and well worth the improved relationship with my 9 year old. I also appreciated having a trial period to see if I liked the app. This has reduced the amount of time I spend arguing with my son about all the things that need to get done daily. The app is marketed to kids with ADHD or on the autism spectrum. My son is none of these-just a high-energy, busy 9 year old. This app successfully helps him keep track of all of his tasks. Do yourself and your family a favor and try this app now, don’t wait.

    By Savshu
    I don’t leave app reviews often but I felt this app definitely deserved one! To the developers I extend a heartfelt thank! I have referred your app to friends/coworkers with neurodivergent children. My little one has never been so helpful not to mention she WANTS to help and does it without or with minimal fuss! She celebrates and gets so excited every time her or one of her pets levels up! I even passed on the app information to her teachers and school staff as well as my therapist. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see how this app grows in the coming years!! I would 110% recommend this app to anyone and everyone with little who struggle with routine or for parents who are tired of fighting with their kiddos to help with the little things! It’s been life changing for our family!
  • Lifesaver!

    By Griffgal
    JOON has been a GAME CHANGER for our family! Our kids love to play the game and it motivates them to get things like homework done. Also, I’ve never experienced such a responsive and helpful developer team. They genuinely care about those using their app and are constantly looking (and asking those using it!) for ways to make it even better. I was shocked to receive a personal email response from one of the creators after a general survey. They didn’t just make an app but are creating a community.
  • Pretty amazing tbh.. I’m shocked but it’s actually working.

    By AshesFallDown
    I’m blown away by how much Joon is helping us as a family. It has definitely taken a lot of the pressure off of us as parents and allowed us to help our kids (7 & 4) play a game where they get to take care of a dragon Pet & level them up by completing quests (chores/routine stuff) vs everyone getting frustrated bc we have to nag our kids to do chores & routine stuff. Probably even more importantly though, it helps keep my husband & I on track in terms of the kind of routine we want to have with our kids bc we both have ADHD to varying degrees & can have trouble with routines as well. I love that there are suggestions fir chores based on age, and being able to set up custom rewards in the shop is a great touch!
  • Great app to gamify tasks

    By RoxyLew
    I have two boys (10 and 8) both who have ADD. It has been so incredibly trying to find a way to incentivize my boys to get their chores done. I was using another app to track their chores, but it didn’t really make the tasks fun. The Joon team has really worked with me to add features that really fit what we’re trying to accomplish. They also have a very active and supportive Facebook group for parents. My boys love the app. Not only are they incentivized to get their chores done, but they also have additional tasks that they can do only if they choose to and it has been a game changer in our home. It’s been such a hit that my 14 year old daughter has requested that I add her to the game so she can earn prizes! I’ve never received the amount of personal attention from a developer, EVER! Their team is amazing and the app is worth every penny!!
  • How do you retrieve your parent code

    By Willowroseamore
    I can’t remember my parent code to religion in my app and I’m seriously annoyed. There is no option to retrieve it.